What is the Levy & how it will affect you
The apprenticeship levy has been created as a key way to fund the Government’s commitment, and to encourage employers to increase their uptake of apprentices as a way of meeting their current and future skills needs.
How do I access my Levy fund?
Funds will be accessed through a new Digital Apprenticeship Service Account. As an Employer you will need to register to create an account and link it to your PAYE schemes. The first levy funds will be collected in April 2017 and you will be able to see funds appear in your digital account monthly.

You will be able to use this to pay for training and assessment for apprentices in England from 1st May 2017 onwards. When you agree to buy apprenticeship training from EQL Solutions, once the apprenticeship has started, monthly payments will automatically be taken from your account and sent to EQL.
Make the most of your Levy
We are an approved apprenticeship provider and responsible for the delivery and management of the apprenticeships programme, which includes ensuring apprentices complete their programme within the required timescales and in line with the national standards.
  1. Workforce productivity – 89% of employers say apprentices increase productivity.
  2. Fuel your talent engine – Utilise levy funds to address skills gaps.
  3. Address skills gaps – apprenticeships are available across industries with EQL Solutions.
For support in preparing your business for the upcoming changes, or if you want to find out more about our apprenticeships programme, please get in touch on:
Levy Calculator
Calculate your expected levy duty showing how NI savings can be used to offset levy costs:

Apprenticeship N.I. savings calculator (Aged<25)

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Calculate estimated NI savings

Annual NI Saving = £0.00

Monthly NI Saving = £0.00

*policy as at January 2016


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