UK Government-Funded Apprenticeships
EQL Solutions specialise in the delivery of Apprenticeships. We are especially talented at delivering apprenticeships in Retail, Customer Services, Sales, Management, Business Administration, Financial Services and Health & Social Care. Our learning facilitators, quality assurers and trainers are based throughout the UK providing national coverage. Recognised by employers nationwide, apprenticeships help develop understanding of a role, the wider business and the principles of successful, sustainable employment.

Apprenticeships are stretching; each development plan is tailored to the individual, the role they perform within the business and their numeracy and literary level. Apprenticeships help develop the best attitude towards lifelong learning and becoming a successful employee.
How Funding Works
Apprenticeships are an important part of the Government’s Education and Skills strategy and public money is available to support the costs of recruiting and training Apprentices. The level of contribution available is linked to Government priorities. For example, the level of funding available to support 16-18 year olds is greater than that for older Apprentices.

In most cases the contribution goes directly to the training provider. A few, very large employers have their own Apprenticeship delivery contract and are able to receive the contribution directly. EQL Solutions have been awarded our own allocation of funding by the SFA in order to support apprentices working with our employer partners and have also been chosen by several large organisations to deliver contracts on their behalf after they have been awarded the funding directly.

All Apprenticeships are competence based, linked to an individual’s ability to complete tasks connected with their role. To find out more, call us on 01928 703 970, email us at or visit
Advanced Learning With
EQL Solutions
EQL Solutions have also created a new range of advanced programmes aimed at people who have been told they’re not eligible for government funded learning because of their age or prior learning. Available with the help of the government’s new advanced learner loans scheme, our programmes help learners to;
  • Combine their existing skills with further 1-1 coaching from an industry expert.
  • Stretch their understanding of the world of business and the behaviours needed to succeed.
  • Give their CV that leading edge.
  • Help improve their abilities, confidence and overall performance.
  • See them achieve a blend of nationally recognised qualifications which are highly sought after by employers.
Advanced Programmes Currently Available
  • Level 3 Diploma in Health & Social Care (Adults)
  • Level 3 Certificate in Learning and Development
  • Level 3 Diploma in Management
Are you looking for something we don’t currently offer? Don’t worry; call us anyway because if we can’t help you, we’re sure one of our partners can. We can also answer any of your questions.Email to find out more. Or go to the National Careers Service for more information.
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